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I don't create art...

2013-11-26 22:40:11 by Insanepow

My videos are set towards a certain audience. Not an audience that seeks to be touched emotionally in a manner that would cause them to cry tears of joy, such as that of a beautiful piece of poetry. But an audience that finds humor in things like swaggots losing their snapbacks, autistic robots being punched in the face, pet ostriches running away and assaulting scene kids, and shit like that. So if you're on my profile expecting ART, something that would touch your heart, then expect to be disappointed, yo.

My name's Insanepow

2013-11-10 01:00:48 by Insanepow

I'm a new animator who barely knows what he's doing. Go ahead and see for yourself.

My name's Insanepow